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Wakee, Wakee

When the boys were little tykes, my morning job was to get them out of bed and make sure they were dressed for school.  I’d come into their room chanting sing-song, “Wakee, wakee,” all the while flipping the light switch…

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Remember.  Our faculty of recall is the one characteristic essential to a full humanity. That is why Alzheimer’s Disease is so devastating.  It robs its victims of what makes life precious and worthwhile.  Literally it takes the joy out of…

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Do Not Lose Hope

Early on in our marriage I learned one thing about my wife.  She could be persistent.  Once she got an idea in her mind, especially an idea concerning one of my chores, I might as well give in.  I knew…

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A Champion of Nobodies

Sunday, when I opened the LA Times, right on the lefthand column was my sermon title for today.  It was an article on the Afro-Columbians, living in a remote jungle of that nation.  These people live by subsisting on marginal…

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Just Get Over Yourself

Recently, I’ve received a number of emails for burial insurance.  Like the plague victim in “Spamalot” about to be carted off to the cemetery, I loudly protest, “I’m not dead yet.  I’m not dead.” The next day a postcard arrived…

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