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Trust But Verify

My friend Susan, a priest at All Saints, says that she is never disillusioned by the church.  That’s because she has no illusions about the church.  Whatever else the church is, it’s a fallible human community like all others.  How…

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The Sins You Forgive; the Sins You Retain

At my first assignment as a United Methodist pastor out in California’s Upper Mojave Desert, I served two congregations.  One of them, the one in Randsburg, I was supposed to close after the church had received a bequest left it…

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All Means All – Take 2

When we lived on Green Street, I had a five-mile walking course laid out that took me up to Foothill then back down Towne to home.   I would often do this route after dark. One evening as I was heading…

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The Journey is the Destination

When I was a callow youth, my sights were pretty low.  I thought that I would have made it if I had a 57 Chevy – you know the one, with the fins and all that chrome.  That and a…

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Time to Wise Up

In most dysfunctional families, various members fill different functions.  There is the identified “problem,” the drama revolves around.  A supportive cast is the enablers, the deniers, a co-addict, maybe a family clown, and if fortunate for all, a realist.  I…

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